We strive to create a community of artists who are dedicated to the ongoing growth of the space while simultaneously supporting the ambitions of our individual members.

Through sharing tools and facilities necessary for making artwork, Traction Company promotes the exchange of the resources and knowledge of its members. This collective effort creates a wide variety of opportunities through a combined network.


The warehouse at the corner of 41st Street and Haverford Avenue is the last remaining structure from a complex of trolley workshops operated by the Philadelphia Traction Company beginning in the mid 19th century.

Beginning in 2007, artists from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts began rebuilding the interior of the warehouse with the intention of creating a space that could support the artistic careers of its members.


Workshop and Studios:

Traction Company artists share a communal workshop in addition to maintaining personal artist studios.  The workshop at Traction Company includes welding, metal fabrication, wood working, and casting facilities, in over 1000 square feet of flexible work space.  Individual studios include spaces outfitted for clay modelling, printmaking, and design.